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In the past years I was able to help a lot of people with different issues starting with depression, burn-out, mental blocks and more. Their biggest and most hurtful problem was solved now, but my clients didn't realise that they could have even more. That's why I have chosen to develop programmes, which help people like you to find your inner peace, balance and satisfaction, by helping you releasing any mental block and any more or less painful issues of the past so you can be happy within yourself and finally reach your full potential.

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EBook 'Positive Thinking can be dangerous' written by Cheryl Heusser

Cheryl Heusser describes where to be careful and how to think positively in the right way. She reveals deeper knowledge from her experience in her work and experiences of colleagues. She shows ways of training positive thinking and how to find out where you have a negative mindset.

By reading this book you will be able to change the way of thinking so you can gain more joy, confidence and clarity in your life.

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Cheryl Heussser: Positive thinking can be dangerous

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My Passion and outer balance

Cheryl Heusser on Motorbike
Motorbiking: Focus and Balance
Cheryl Heusser with Mountainbike infront of Matterhorn
Mountain- biking: highest concentration
Cheryl Heusser on skis
Skiing: believe in yourself
Cheryl Heusser on a Mountain
Nature: Staying in balance



Cheryl Heussr speaking in South Africa
Speach in Pretoria (South Africa)
"Why to leave your past behind you"
Cheryl Heussre speaking at UK Hypnosis convention
Presentation UK-Hypnosis convention in London (UK)
"Burn-out recovery"
Cheryl Heusser on Radio
Interview on Radio Zürisee in Rapperswil (Switzerland)
"What is Hypnosis"
Cheryl Heusser On TV-Talkshow
Interview TV in Frankfurt (Germany)
"What is success?"
Cheryl Heusser presenting about stress
Presentation in Winterthur (Switzerland)
"Stress release"
Cheryl Heusser speaking in Munich
Presentation in Munich (Germany)
"Stress release and Burnout prevention"