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What is draining your energy?

Life has its ups and downs. Our lives are not always in flow and when we have too many worries, we get tired quickly or are simply exhausted. But what is really draining our energy?

Is it really the external influences? If you think that way, I will have to disappoint you. The tasks and external influences usually only make up a part of how exhausted we feel. How we handle things and what we think is the main part which affects our well-being.

Why are there people who seem to have infinite energy? They take everything with ease and master hurdles unnoticed. It's their way of tackling things, their mindset is key. They don’t always say phrases like:

  • That is a lot and exhausting!
  • I feel so stressed!
  • I have no time!
  • I never have time for myself!
  • I think I never will be able to do that!
  • I need a break!
  • I always have to do so much!
  • I don’t want to have to do anything!
  • I will never be able to do that in time!
  • I'm always unlucky!
  • Life is exhausting and hard work!
  • Etc

Do you sometimes say such sentences to yourself?

Then it is time to change this immediately!

If you are confident of mastering everything with ease, and have positive thoughts, then you will not unnecessarily dissipate energy into negative thinking and acting. Through your positive mindset you will have much more energy available right from the very beginning on. You will be sending out positive energy and your environment will be affected by it. Like that you will be getting more positive things back, which will make your whole life a lot easier.

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