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What is your mindset costing you?

Do you know following situations too?

You have a goal and you pretty well know how to get there. You have some tasks you will have to do and then you start procrastinating on one of them. You find other things that are important. You have some kind of excuse not to do it, and those excuses actually sound quite reasonable. But if you really look at the situation carefully, you realise that you are just procrastinating and if you’d listen to yourself you’d find out, that you are saying negative things to yourself. Things which are keeping you small or things to try to keep yourself safe. There are fears or self-doubts. You are trying to stay in your comfort zone.

Have you ever thought about how much further you would be today, if you never had procrastinated and just done the things or even done them with pleasure? Would you not have saved an unbelievable lot of time and energy if you just had done them with ease?

We all have such things. We can work on them and we can get rid of such blockages and change our mindset.

As soon as you could change your mindset, you will be in flow much more and you will achieve your goals faster and with ease.

The following points will help you get there:

  • Prepare a list in your smartphone (there are several apps you can find for lists)
  • Start being aware of the moments you start procrastinating
  • Take a moment and notice the words and sentences you tell yourself in that situation, What are your limiting believes? What is your mindset?
  • Write them into your list
  • Work on your mindset
    • Create new positive sentences
      • feel the negative believes
      • visualise and feel the new believes
    • use a technique that helps you change your mindset
      • EFT
      • Self-hypnosis
      • Get a coach

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