Man at pier

What is draining your energy?

By Cheryl Heusser - making life easier
29th October 2019

Life has its ups and downs. Our lives are not always in flow and when we have too many worries, we get tired quickly or are simply exhausted. But what is really draining our energy?

Is it really the external influences? If you think that way, I will have to disappoint you. The tasks and external influences usually only make up a part of how exhausted we feel. How we handle things and what we think is the main part which affects our well-being.

Why are there people who seem [...]  read more

man with money

What is your mindset costing you?

By Cheryl Heusser - making life easier
9th July 2019

Do you know following situations too?

You have a goal and you pretty well know how to get there. You have some tasks you will have to do and then you start procrastinating on one of them. You find other things that are important. You have some kind of excuse not to do it, and those excuses actually sound quite reasonable. But if you really look at the situation carefully, you realise that you are just procrastinating and if you’d listen to yourself you’d find out, that you are s [...]  read more

two wolves

Which wolve are you feeding?

By Cheryl Heusser - making life easier
18th Mai 2019

I have noticed, that lots of people don‘t accept compliments. If I ask them to remember a recently received compliment and tell me, if they accepted it, they hadn‘t. So many people mostly don’t accept them. But if we get a bad criticism, we immediately believe it to be true and even enforce it by telling us things like: “I am just not good enough” or “I can’t do it” or “ I am (to) stupid” or similar things. What are we doing here? We are making us small and that’s when w [...]  read more

man procrastinating

7 steps to overcome procrastination

By Cheryl Heusser - making life easier
21st March 2018

Wouldn‘t it be nice, if you always just managed to do all things you need to, if the things that are bothering you, would be away and you could start doing the things you like doing? Just think, if all the things you have been procrastinating on, were done and over with! Wouldn’t that be a relief and wouldn’t a lot of weight be taken off of your shoulders?

The reality is, we all have things we put off. Sometimes it takes months until we get started. If we learn to do the things [...]  read more

sleeping Woman

Two simple ways to have a better sleep

By Cheryl Heusser - making life easier
13th March 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fall asleep within a few seconds? Or to sleep right through the night like a baby? Awakening after having enough sleep and being fit and energised during the whole day is everyone’s dream.

The reality is, the busier people are and the more worries or responsibilities they have, the more often they do not have the quality of sleep they deserve.

According to the studies of Baylor University, Texas USA people tend to fall asleep faster and be [...]  read more