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7 steps to overcome procrastination

Wouldn‘t it be nice, if you always just managed to do all things you need to, if the things that are bothering you, would be away and you could start doing the things you like doing? Just think, if all the things you have been procrastinating on, were done and over with! Wouldn’t that be a relief and wouldn’t a lot of weight be taken off of your shoulders?

The reality is, we all have things we put off. Sometimes it takes months until we get started. If we learn to do the things quicker, we start implementing faster and our goals are achieved faster. What a good feeling that is!

Adam Grant, Professor of Management and Psychology at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania wrote an article in The New York Times, where he explains why he started to procrastinate on purpose. A student of his, Jihae Shin, who now is a professor at the University of Wisconsin, told him that she is more creative, if she procrastinates. To prove this idea, she did an experiment with students, who had to come up with new business ideas. One of the group should first play Minesweeper or Solitaire before writing down their ideas, the other group should immediately write down their ideas. The ideas of the procrastinators-group were 28% more creative.

So procrastinating is even a good thing with certain issues. I myself have been using this method since years. I call it: letting ideas ripe in the subconscious mind. I let my subconscious mind work on the task first and then, a few days later, when I sit down and work on the issue, I come up with more ideas. Never the less we still have to sit down some time and we still have things we don’t need to be creative on and that’s why I am showing you the following technique, it is very easy to do and has great effects.

Since you have found the time of reading this article, it seems you have just a little bit of time right now. So no excuse! - We always find excuses, if we want to. - But now do at least the first 5 action steps immediately and you will be able to get your issue, which you are putting off, done, very soon:

The 7 Steps to overcome procrastination

1. Think of one thing you are procrastinating. Do you really have to do it yourself or can you delegate it to someone or hire someone to do it? If yes → delegate

If no → do the following steps

2. Think of the issue, take one sheet of paper for each topic (even better would be, if you had a notebook just for the issues, which you procrastinate on). Write down, what the issue is about and what the goal is.

3. Can you cut it down into pieces, which seem more manageable? Write the gains of the pieces down.

4. What are the first 3 action-steps? (Don’t write down big things, a telephone-call is one action-step! )

5. Now close your eyes and relax. (If you master self-hypnosis, go into hypnosis, it will be even more effective.) Imagine you doing those 3 actions today, imagine exactly how you are doing them, the more realistic you imagine it and the more senses you involve in your imagination, the more simple it will be for you to take these actions. Think of when you are going to implement these steps. It should be today and the LATEST tomorrow! Now imagine how good it feels, when you eventually got started with this issue. And then imagine how good it feels, when you actually have finished it all! Feel it, and enjoy this feeling!

6. Do the 3 actions!

7. Repeat Step 4 to 6 until everything is done.

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